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We here at NanoTrasen Incorporated strive to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and engaging work experience. From the most practical of sanitation engineers to the most abstract of physicists, our tried and true equipment, well maintained facilities and flourishing local social net offer an experience designed from the ground up to keep you coming back for more. Given the diverse array of places our champions hail from, we understand that our operating practices and standards can at first seem strange, even bizarre. For that reason, along with your on-the-job shadowing and training and the 24/7 help line, we offer the attached localization guide to help all new employees become at home in the workplace as quickly as possible.

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NanoTrasen Sponsored Colony!

Looking for a new start in life? Feel isolated where you're living now? Then come to your nearest NanoTrasen™️ office because we have an offer for you! In exchange for a year's citizenship on a NanoTrasen™️ colony (Limited time offer.) you can finally live the dream!

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NEV Northern Light
expeditionary crew

NEV Northern Light Expedition is now hiring! Discover new things about the universe and advance the cause of science with a NanoTrasen™️ sanctioned ship and get paid while doing it! (Also hiring associated crew.) Remember, even if you aren't interested in science, NanoTrasen™️ has a high paying job for you!

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NSB Adephagia Crew (Tether)


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