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Species makeup

80% Human
20% Other

Human racial/ethnic makeup

40% Caucasian
30% Mixed
20% African
10% Other

Other racial makeup

90% Unathi
10% Other


The first contact with Brinkburn was performed by Sol Central in 2547, as part of a reconnaissance mission to find out more about the traits of the planet. Due to the presence of it’s hazardous ring system and the nearby asteroid belt, major ship losses occured during this early period. Regardless, a small number of ships were able to survive their missions on Brinkburn, eventually using the newly constructed Nyx warpgate to return to Sol in 2549, bringing back their found knowledge.

Sol Central lost approximately 80% of it’s Nyx fleet during those missions (especially in Brinkburn, Moros and Roanake), with most other ships having suffered major damage. Already being busy with other more important issues in other systems and convinced that Nyx was too dangerous to be properly colonized, it decided to abandon it completely, leaving the colonization to other groups.

The next group to arrive at the Nyx system was Cetedyne Industries, in mid 2550. Unconvinced by the Sol Central data about extremely hazardous environments near Erebus, and with no proper equipment to harvest the gases of Euthenia, they decided to give Brinkburn a try, mostly due to it’s easily modifiable atmosphere and presence of mineral wealth, despite of the two famous obstacles it had.

Regardless, the initial landing went rather successful, with only minor ship damage being acquired. In late 2550, the settlements of Ostacre Town and Greybarrow were founded, and colonists started to flock in right away, some of them however not being lucky enough to survive the journey. It was also in that year when Cetedyne Industries started to optimize the planet’s atmosphere, a process that wouldn’t take too long.

An additional settlement, Holdmerm, was founded in 2552. In early 2553, the planet’s atmosphere was already fully breathable, however it was at the same time when Cetedyne Industries showed signs of decay. Although their activities on Brinkburn were rather successful, with only a small number of supply and transport ships being lost on their journey from 2550 to 2552, they were suffering of major financial issues back on Sol, their home system.

All over 2553, Cetedyne Industries suffered of quite a few more transport-related accidents on Nyx, and in late 2553, the corporation fully collapsed, effectively leaving the settlers of Brinkburn stranded.

Now being a colony with no supporting corporation, the standard of living started to deteriorate rapidly. Most of it’s settlers just aimed to survive on the planet, since returning to their old systems would be almost impossible. Many other settlers turned to looting, scrapyards, general crime or even slavery, which turned Brinkburn into one of the most dangerous places in the system.

Some other settlers decided to leave Brinkburn for other places in the system. In 2554, two major groups left the planet for other places on Nyx: a group of 400 settlers headed straight to the Erebus sector, and another smaller group of 200 settlers to the nearby asteroid belt.

Despite of all this, colonists kept arriving at the planet. Most of them would be either poor, some sort of a criminal element, or both. Brinkburn and the asteroid belt slowly started to gain a fame for being lawless, as no proper law enforcement entities existed on Nyx. Additionally, the tales of crashed ships all over the planet that would hold significant salvage value were too tempting, even for some honest people.

A Brinkburnian gang that eventually evolved into Lumoco Arms and Supplies ran many affairs on the planet after the founding corporation collapsed, holding a good chunk of Ostacre Town territory since 2554 and fully controlling Holdmerm in 2555. In 2556, located far away from the other three settlements and in a harsh volcanic region, Death Canyon was founded by Lumoco Arms and Supplies.

The presence of this group, along with other general criminal elements, made it complicated for governments to be created in the planet. This lawless status was maintained up to the present, the planet now being famous for being dangerous to reach and filled with criminals.

Essentially, Brinkburn in 2559 is a criminal hub in Nyx with no law enforcement entities to fear other than the occasional bounty hunter, which causes people of all dubious backgrounds to arrive. Even though it’s unlikely that other groups or corporations will ever care about this dangerous planet, a small communal standing fleet was created to protect the planet from a possible external contact that would change the way how things work here. This fleet is maintained mostly by Lumoco Arms and Supplies, other local gang allies and independent pirates in the asteroid belt.


From 2550 to 2553, Brinkburn was a corporate colony, being directly administrated by Cetedyne Industries. With no standing fleet, the only thing the corporation had to keep the order in here was a small corporate security force. When Cetedyne Industries collapsed, some members of this security force turned to crime, giving up their prior past.

The colonial administrator in Ostacre Town, supported by the remnants of the local security force, tried to bring order to the planet, effectively creating a crude autocratic government in late 2553. It would only last for a few months, as it wasn’t recognized and was quickly suppressed by the gangs and criminals of the area. The administrator was killed and most of it’s supporters fled the planet.

The only other attempt to create an actual government on this planet was in Greybarrow during 2555, after a long period of anarchy. However, local gangs already had a decent influence on Greybarrow, and most people didn’t play along with this new government which was a crude democracy, which effectively made it a failure.

This status has been maintained up to the present. Every single major settlement on this planet is gang-controlled to an extent, with the most notable gang still being Lumoco Arms and Supplies, although other minor gangs still exist, especially in Greybarrow, where Lumoco holds no actual territory.

These gangs would extort the local populace as a form of crude taxation to further their operations, and in exchange, they offer “protection” from other groups, along with usage of some public services they control.

It could be assumed that Sol Central wouldn’t allow this. However, they gave up their chance to build a solid presence in the system during the late 2540’s, and now the criminal elements of Brinkburn have grown too large to be casually defeated.


Brinkburn is a relatively small terrestrial planet with several desert and volcanic traits, and a diameter of approximately 4500 km. Most parts of the planet tend to suffer of occasional sandstorms, and there’s a large active volcano in it’s southern part. It’s of a characteristic red colour, even more red than Mars itself.

The planet’s gravity is slightly lower than on Earth, yet high enough to not require the installation of any gravity generators for continued human life.

Brinkburn, in general, is a hot planet. It however has two polar ice caps with only two major and short seasons: summer and winter, with major temperature differences across the planet. The northern hemisphere tends to be the most stable one, with temperatures ranging from -5 to 50 celsius. The southern hemisphere can get a much wider and dangerous range of temperatures, ranging from -20 to 180 celsius.

Rain has always existed on Brinkburn, however due to it’s hot temperature, it’s quickly dried out in most of it’s sections. Remains of small water streams can be seen all over the planet, and it’s only in the northern hemisphere where a notable natural water reservoir exists. The Greybarrow mountain range blocks the movement of some clouds, which concentrates the rain into a small river that has been named Host Stream, eventually ending up in a crater caused by one of the immense satellite impacts, named Ormeadow Lake. This lake often only has an immensely small amount of water in it, except during the cold winter section, where the water reservoir can get higher.

Due to the planet’s high overall temperature, the planet’s polar ice caps are immensely small, especially in the southern hemisphere where only small chunks of mostly underground ice remain. The nearby polar regions also are the least covered ones by the ring system, which makes it more suitable for space travel than other regions.

The planet has no natural satellites at the moment, but it has a dense ring system which makes it difficult to exit or enter orbit in most of it’s parts. It’s also closely located to the main asteroid belt in Nyx, which affects the planet and makes travelling to it even more dangerous.

Due to asteroid collisions, the planet is very heavily cratered. Three main major craters of immense sizes exist, which weren’t caused by asteroids, but by it’s former natural satellites millions of years ago. All of these collisions have changed the planet into a far more inhospitable environment than it used to be.

Before the recent atmospheric changes conducted by Cetedyne Industries, the planet’s atmosphere was just barely unbreathable. Similar to Earth’s atmosphere but with a noticeably smaller oxygen concentration, it was easy to modify and optimize for human life.

The soil on Brinkburn is surprisingly fertile enough to grow crops, trees and plant life in general. This wouldn’t be possible without the recent atmospheric changes, however. A recent man-made forest exists to the east of Ostacre Town.

Brinkburn has a small presence of useful ore resources, the immense majority of them being concentrated in deep sections of the Greybarrow mountain range and on the surface of the Death Canyon volcano region.

Due to the initial low oxygen concentration on the planet, only anaerobic organisms are known to have lived here before humanity’s arrival, mostly worms, bacteria and small fungi in the northern hemisphere.


The population of Brinkburn is highly multi-cultural, with a notable presence of unathi existing. Due to the settlements being recent, it can’t be really said that there has been time for an unique culture to arise. But most of it’s settlers tend to be criminals, which leads to an hostile culture.

The immense majority of the settlers are poor to an extent, which is reflected on their life styles. Long-time settlers are usually prepared for hot temperatures and tend to travel light, eating mostly cheap crops from the local farms. Biogenerators from the Cetedyne Industries era still exist, which gives the settlers access to synthetic meat, and thus, more food variety.

Livestock has been imported from other planets and can live on Brinkburn, although only the more wealthy settlers tend to have access to them and their products.


Unlike other planetary bodies in the galaxy, the economy of Brinkburn has always been more relatively diversified than in other planets due to it’s earth-like atmosphere. Open space farming is viable and one of the main economic sectors of Brinkburn. Mining operations still exist in Greybarrow and Death Canyon as well, although now considerably lesser in the past when it comes to Greybarrow. Arboriculture is not unheard of, as a man-made forest was created by Cetedyne Industries to the east of Ostacre Town in early 2553. Industrial activity is present in Holdmerm.

Even though the planet was colonized in the 2550s, most new technology isn't present in there, instead being heavily mixed with older technologies. Infrastructure tends to be either primitive or non-existant, while even basic services such as medical attention can be hard to find, as only a few private clinics are known to exist on it, some of them gang-controlled. Other fields such as research and robotics are almost unheard of as well, as the industries of Holdmerm don’t specialize on that.

Interplanetary trade isn’t as high as in other parts of the system due to how complicated it is to leave and enter the planet. Most corporate space stations and more formal settlements such as Yuclite never engage in trade with Brinkburn, however trade with Caldurk has become very common, mostly performed by Lumoco Arms and Supplies, who has a desire in minerals from Caldurk. In exchange, they mostly offer them firearms and ammunition.

Brinkburnians always tend to have a high demand for water supplies, as their planet is too dry and hot, with no large permanent settlements surrounding Ormeadow Lake yet (due to a lack of a coordinated effort) and are willing to trade with anyone else for this commodity, usually offering high goods in exchange.

As many other places in the system, this settlement uses the thaler as it’s currency, although mineral wealth and even water is used as a currency sometimes as well.


Ostacre Town

The first and largest settlement in Brinkburn, this former domed city built in 2550 was located in a very strategic position. Located on a flat surface on the more stable northern hemisphere, the location where it was built on didn’t tend to have a lot of planetary ring coverage, which made it suitable for the construction of a spaceport, which was also the only spaceport in Brinkburn.

A settlement that was always based on farming and some minor mining activity during the first years, it suffered of notable chaos after the founding corporation collapsed. With the failure of the first autocratic government, most of the domes structure was dismantled and looted for it’s notable salvage value. Fortunately enough, the atmospheric conditions of the planet were already acceptable when it happened, with many of it's population scattering around looking for opportunities in other places.

However, said event didn't cause Ostacre Town to fade away from existence, since it continued to be the de facto capital of Brinkburn, although with a basic economy that doesn't excel in anything. It’s now partially controlled by Lumoco, who has been unable to fully take the settlement over due to other gangs and hostile criminal elements.

Population: approximately 23000.


A settlement with initial mining purposes created by the founding corporation in 2550, built inside a mountain range with many of their initial settlers living underground as well. This settlement had a fairly average strategic position, as it could have benefited far more from being built on the other side of the mountain range, where rain was fairly common and having ample water supplies could help the development in the settlement by cutting down maintenance costs. But in the other side, it contained most easily available mineral wealth of the mountain range, as other regions simply lacked any minerals whatsoever or had it located in more complicated locations.

This settlement had always been profitable for Cetedyne Industries, with an ample supply of mineral wealth present in it. However, not even the product yields from Greybarrow could save the corporation from it’s collapse in 2553. When the corporation collapsed, mining operations continued as usual over here, although the settlers eventually got disappointed at the lack of variety in available ores, and no presence of phoron whatsoever.

Since 2556, most easily available mineral deposits are now depleted in the mountain region surrounding Greybarrow, and although other deeper mineral deposits exist, it’s not as profitable as it used to be. Heavy machinery and more work is required to properly extract said deposits, and said heavy machinery isn’t particularly common in Brinkburn, especially with no corporation to support you.

This required many settlers of Greybarrow to eventually leave the inner mountain, settling nearby to cultivate the present farmland. Many settlers wouldn’t venture too far away and instead try to keep close to the inner mountain entrance, effectively expanding the settlement outside.

Greybarrow has had a relatively lower criminal activity when compared to other settlements of Brinkburn, and although local gangs still exist, Lumoco Arms and Supplies hasn’t been able to get any solid presence in here yet. Trade with the group exists, and even though they have a high demand for some ore resources, they haven’t settled in the mountain range yet.

The economy of the settlement is still almost exclusively mining-based, and even though it still has a very basic and stale economy, it has managed to survive without a lot of damage or looting occurring when the founding corporation collapsed.

Population: approximately 6000.


Created by the founding corporation in 2552 in an attempt to diversify the economy of Brinkburn, this settlement had clear industrial purposes. A fully, rather innovative open air settlement that exposed the settlers to an almost breathable atmosphere, this settlement was initially quite unpopular as the population was required to wear oxygen internals for a few months, when the atmospheric project was expected to be finished.

The industrial deployment was done as expected, with the required raw materials being supplied by the relatively nearby settlement of Greybarrow. When Cetedyne Industries collapsed in 2553, Holdmerm wouldn’t receive ore resources from Greybarrow anymore as there was no one to run the transport caravans. Eventually some of the factory worker population of Holdmerm got sick of it and decided to dismantle and loot most of their now unused industrial machinery and facilities for their notable salvage value, and leave for other places, as Holdmerm was exclusively industrial based.

Out of the 600 Brinkburnians who left their planet for other locations in Nyx during early 2554, about a half or more were settlers of Holdmerm who were able to afford their way out by trading with the looted machinery. For years to come, the settlement would see to be transformed into an underpopulated, crude farming town.

In 2555, Lumoco Arms and Supplies took control over the entire settlement, noticing the presence of some inactive industrial machinery. It was not until 2556 where said machinery would actually see an use, as Lumoco was able to gain a monopoly on the mining operations of Death Canyon.

Since then, Lumoco “employs” several factory workers with the now revitalized industry equipment of Holdmerm. Mostly, they fabricate firearms, ammunition, basic ship components and construction supplies.

In 2559, the economy is Holdmerm is both industrial and farming based. Most supplies are acquired from the occasional ore caravan heading from Death Canyon, however it doesn’t tend to be often enough, which requires Lumoco to perform trade with Greybarrow and other settlements such as Caldurk or independent miners on the asteroid belt.

Population: approximately 4000.

Death Canyon

Not actually a canyon, this harsh volcanic region that is more isolated from the other notable settlements was colonized in 2556 after some intrepid explorers of Brinkburn "discovered" a high presence of precious surface ore resources. The truth is that the founding corporation and even Sol Central knew about the presence of said ores, but never actually was interested in it due to the harsh, dangerously high temperatures present in the southern hemisphere of the planet.

But the population of Brinkburn was interested in it, especially the Lumoco corporation which needed local resources to supply their industry in Holdmerm, should they want to maintain their influence over the planet. With the second highest death toll in Brinkburn, only surpassed by the ring system, many desperate people still move to this dangerous region just for the sake of trying to gain a fortune with the "recently" discovered mineral wealth.

Mining operations on Death Canyon tend to be rather seasonal, as the temperature here can get up to 150 celsius during the summer, which then will decrease to something much more acceptable during the winter. Most settlers tend to use cheap mining suits to protect themselves from the intense heat, which doesn't reduce the mortality as much as someone would imagine.

Population: approximately 700.