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The main Eclipse station (See here for World.) has a wide variety of different characters, despite this. At it's heart, Eclipse isn't a freeform RP like some might be used to, Eclipse takes place in a Sci-Fi working environment, and as such. There are some standards that most if not all characters are expected to fill.



With names, except for certain exceptions, all characters should have an original first and last name, canon characters are not allowed.


Character customization can be robust, but as under hireability, you should try to keep your character's appearance realistic to their species. An unmodified human more than likely wouldn't have naturally blue hair, or be under three feet. Too tall of a character wouldn't be able to walk through most doors on the station, and too small of a character would be smaller than most of the tools in their work place, or restraining to people bigger than themselves. (For a quick and easy way to compare heights, feel free to use this. Don't forget flavor text as part of your character too!

At a fundamental level, flavor text should simply be things that other people would not be able to tell from looking at your character through its sprite alone, as the resolution is very limited. Flavor text can be something as simple as how your characters walks, or talks, or even their height. But first and foremost, these are things that someone would be able to tell by watching your character walk about their day. For example, you wouldn't be able to tell someone's tortured past when first meeting them. It is also not advised to "godmod", meaning to "tell" other people how their characters feel about your character in your flavor text descriptions.

Skills and Occupation


Because Eclipse takes place in a workplace, it should be conceivable that your character would have actually been hired to work there. This includes keeping your skillset realistic, rather than excessive and unrealistic.

The following are examples of characters that Nanotrasen would refuse to hire:

  • A character with disruptive mental problems who is not receiving treatment for it.
  • A character with a known and persistent theft record.
  • A character with an long criminal record with no signs of being reformed.
  • A character with a history of Criminal Espionage.
  • A character who is (or has associations with) a known enemy of NanoTrasen.
  • A character for who it would be impossible or very hard to work on the station as their assigned job.


When it comes to skills, it's important to remember that even if you know how to do something OOC, it doesn't necessarily mean you know how to do it IC. Additionally, if you're not capable of demonstrating the skill needed to do your job, it's unreasonable to expect you would be hired. The exception of course is interns, who are unpaid and here for experience.

Remember that your character also isn't super human, and should have weakpoints and flaws. Even someone with a very long lifespan will have weak points, a Unathi Engineer clocking in at 90 might be terrible at remembering how to do CPR, or not have the faintest clue of how Science works.

Unless you're intending to completely reinvent your character, it's also a good idea to stick to a specific set of skills, a Doctor shouldn't show up one day as an Engineer, or a Security Officer as a Scientist.

Examples of characters that are over-skilled and under-skilled include but are not limited to:

  • A 18 year old Surgeon. (Over-skilled)
  • A 44 year old Engineer that doesn't know how a SMES works. (Under-skilled)
  • A 22 year old Cargo Tech who knows Open Heart Surgery, and how to set up the Engine. (Very over-skilled)

If you feel stuck on how old your character should be for their job, here's a quick guide to current American College degree times, none of which are set in stone, but can be good references:

Degree Minimum Time Maximum Time Age Range
Associate's Degree 2 4 20-22
Bachelor's Degree 4 8+ 22-26+
PhD 16 20+ 34-40+

IC vs. OOC skills.

It bears repeating that although you OOC may know how as an Engineer how to do surgery, or deconstruct a wall does not mean that your character would be able to. Just because something like setting up Cryogenics is one or two presses off a button does not mean that it's that easy in character as well. This applies to most things that appear simple but would almost certainly be harder to operate in practice. Including Research's deconstruction, chemistry and medical scanners.

Antagonists and Security


As Eclipse takes place in a work environment, it is expected that most employees obey the rules and regulations set by NanoTrasen and SolGov. Because of this, non-antags should try to avoid things that would result in a character's immediate firing, execution or permanent imprisonment by Central Command or SolGov, as it's very unlikely that a character would be coming back from a shift after that. For examples of what we mean, see Corporate Regulations.


Unlike most HRP servers, Eclipse regularly has rounds featuring antagonists and because of that, we have higher standards when it comes to Antagonists then lower RP servers may have, see Identifying Antagonists for an in depth look at tips on identifying antagonists.

For tips when making your character related to antags, Part of Hireability would be that NanoTrasen would not hire crewmembers with known close ties to any of it's enemies. Even former syndicate members known to be turncoats would more than likely be held in a top secret NanoTrasen facility, and not likely to be working a regular job on station.

The only exception to this should be during (non-canon) antag rounds with the antagaonist of the round, such as traitor. Remember that the identity of a character in an antag round is non-canon, and as such, you should not add after an antag round that your character is a Syndicate Operative in disguise, or that you remember a specific character being such a thing.




Home planet: Earth

Home system: Sol

This is what the person reading this hopefully is. Ruled by SolGov, a Federal Republic encompassing most human planets; with frosty relations towards the Unathi and cooperation with the Skrell when convenient. Human names should be recognizable, with a first and last name being mandatory. Because NanoTrasen is a human company based in SolGov, a large number of employees are human, or SolGov Citizens.



Home planet: Moghes

Home system: Uueoa-Esa

Unathi are a race of tall bipedal (Adults average 200-260 centimeters tall.) reptilians with hard scales, and most Unathi are ruled by a religious doctrine known as the Unity, with cold relations towards Humanity. Unathi names are hard-sounding, like hissing or guttural. Most Unathi have three names, a given name, a family name, and a clan name. Some Unathi are considered "clanless" because of being exiled, and only have a given and family name with rare exception.



Home planet: Qerr'balak

Home system: Qerr'Vallis

The Skrell are a race of bipedal Amphibians generally more technologically advanced than most of the other species in the galaxy because of their focus on education and scientific progress. Gender and biological sex plays a less pronounced role in skrell society partially due to their diminished sexual dimorphism. Skrell Society is heavily based around advancement of the mind and a strict caste system. Including a strict ban on inter-caste marriages in Skrell space. Most Skrell names on human stations are either chosen human names, or rough translations of Skrell names with heavy Qs, Ks and nearly unpronounceable vowels in Galactic Common.



Home planet: Meralar

Home system: Rarkajar

The Tajara are a race of bipedal humanoids often compare to terrestrial felines. Tajarans come from a cold planet with large amounts of arctic zones, and their population is commonly divided into three ethnicities, the numerous Hharar, the taller Njarir'Akhan and the much burlier Zhan-Khazan. Names for Tajara also tend to vary based on which of these three ethnicities the Tajaran is-- Hharar tend to have a first and last or clan name, with Middle names being rare; Njarir'Akhan have a first and last name, followed by in formal situations; Anai and the ruling house of their family, and Zhan-Khazan only have first names, but tend to use Zhan-Khazan as a last name if necessary.

Custom Species

Home planet: ?

Home system: ?

Eclipse has a system of custom race creation, allowing you to create a diverse amount of custom races. But with this freedom, usually not available on other servers comes some rules on character creation. The regular naming rules apply, together with the ability to name and create a custom race, the following rules should be considered:

# 1. You may not use a species from another setting, including obvious shallow renames of pre-existing species. Yes, this includes Avali.
# 2. Your species name may not be deceptive, and should reflect if you are merely playing as a vanilla species with gene-mods.

Guidelines for Eclipse World

Much of the same basic principles still apply to characters on Eclipse World, with the main differences being that with the map being a colony instead of a workplace. There is much more leniency with medical conditions. But consequently a lower tolerance for being actively wanted. Of course, if you decide to join as a job on Eclipse World, especially a government job such as a fire fighter, you'll have the same if not tighter requirements as on station.