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Humanity and the other species have spread far and wide across the galaxy. This diversification of time and place has allowed wildly radical new ideologies and cultures to form on the frontier.

Colonies can be submitted here, using this template.

Blank spaces take information from first filled field above. For example, the Vorcian Federation was founded by humans and is located on Mars, in the Sol system.

Human colonies

Colony name Founding species System World Summary Author(s)
Lunar Confederation Human Sol Luna A federation of many Lunar colonies. Nyarlathotep et al.
Kingdom of Victoria Mars A constitutional monarchy nested in an increasingly uncomfortably dense city-state. Leeks and turkey. sabiram
New Liberty WIP Crushtoe
Vorcian Federation A Martian superpower. Long-stemming political disputes plague what should be the crown jewel of the colonization effort. Fiskap
UIL-OMR A peacekeeper state governed by Sol Central. See Vorcian Federation. st_somatic
Penal Colony, Phobos Phobos Administered by Sol Central. As the name would suggest, it's a penal colony. Fiskap
Magnitka Federation Magnitka Ursa A colony populated entirely by Slavs and Germans; who could have predicted that it would descend into chaos? chinsky
Brinkburn Nyx Brinkburn The wild west, but in space, and no one cares quite enough to tame it. Fiskap
Yuclite Yuclite A joint Gilthari Exports/Aether Atmospherics corporate colony. Fiskap
Roanake Erebus II Seduced by the phoronic atmosphere, NanoTrasen established this colony. Really hot. Fiskap
Caldurk Erebus XXI Abandoned by its founders, the citizens of Caldurk formed something rare in Nyx; a republic. Fiskap
Casser Casser A Nyxian corporate colony. Phoron. TheWelp
Paraiso a Astres Orion Ceta A Carnelia Ibiza on a monstrous scale. Dragor & Fiskap
GES Sycophant A rare successful permanent space station-type colony and an important trade hub. Dragor & Fiskap
Kingdom of Avalon Orion Ceta B Elestus II A second-generation colony for those lusting after simple living in today's hypermodern world. Dragor & Fiskap, Nyarlthotep
Tiamat Alpha Centauri A Tiamat The second home world humanity was dreaming of for centuries. Many different colonies. Dragor & Fiskap
Eremus Golgenna Eremus write something here when finished reading article --Sabiram (talk) 04:52, 29 October 2015 (EDT) ProfessorPainus
Republic of Feldspar KPE-1491 KPE-5 Feldspar A good old fashioned democracy blossoming out there in the sky. Footman
Zzarlaanis 14 Herculis Tiphonia An African colony inspired and guided by tradition. Metamorp

Skrellian colonies

Colony name Founding species System World Summary Author(s)
Harr'qac Skrell Harr'kelm Harr'qac Founded by homesick Skrell because it kind of looks like their home world if you look at it the right way, which is a good enough reason. SuperBee29
Qerrna-Lakirr 55 Cancri A 55 Cancri E L'etat c'est moi FearTheBlackout
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