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Id regular.png Identification Card

This things get you from A to B, as long as you have access to A, B and everything in between. Every worker of Space Station 13 gains an identification card. Your ID has your name, occupation, and a device that broadcasts your access to the station's autonomous systems, which is used both to identify the wielder and open up airlocks the worker have access to. For example, the Quartermaster has access to the Cargo Bay and Quartermaster's Office, while assistants, for example, do not. Keep this in mind when you see a person in medical uniform with the Head of Security's ID card.

If you hold an ID in your hand and use an airlock with it, this ID is used to determine if it opens instead of the ID in your ID slot. Also, IDs will grant you access to Computers, but remember to remove it from the computer once you have logged out.

A person with the rights to access an Identification Computer can edit your ID to add or remove those rights, it should only be modified by the Captain or Head of Personnel. Special circumstances may change this. When your face is covered your ID is the only way of identifying you.

An ID is a tiny object and thus can be stored in a box. It can also be stored in your PDA, and your PDA can even be stored in your uniform's ID slot.

 This object is the only object in the game were the verb 'Read' comes into play (Verify).
When it's been read it displays the following: 
*"[NAMES]'s ID Card [TITLE]: The current assignment on the card is [TITLE]."


Id regular.png Standard ID - Standard identification cards issued to the general staff.

Id silver.png Command ID - Special silver identification cards issued to the Heads of Staff. By default, it allows access to the Bridge and has the ability to call/recall the Escape Shuttle.

Id gold.png Captain's ID - The Captain's gold-plated all-access ID card. A spare starts in the Captains Quarters. Desired by all.

Id centcom.png Centcom ID - Identification cards issued only to Centcom officials, including Emergency Response Team officers.

Hand Labeler

Hand labeler
Found in: Primary Tool Storage, Cargo Bay, Medbay
Used for: Sticking labels on things.
Strategy: Used to stick a label onto something's name. Click to and type in the label name. Click on object to label. Click again to remove label.
Useful for labelling things. Cannot be used on people.

Proximity Sensor

Proximity Sensor
Found in: Primary Tool Storage, Cargo Bay, Vendomat, Toximate 3000
Used for: Mostly for bombs, grenades, or robots.
Strategy: Used for making bombs, grenades, or devices that activate when people get near them.
A small sensor that beeps when it (or something next to it) moves. Is not set off by walking.


Found in: Cargo Bay, Tool Storage, just about anywhere
Used for: Holding things.
Strategy: Put small items inside of it.
You can store up to 7 tiny objects in any given box, as long as the item is "tiny". For example a Pen, a breath mask, an emergency oxygen tank or an ID Card, would all be considered tiny and fit in a box. Something like a gas mask), would not fit in a box.

On arriving the to the ship, each individual will have been provided with a box with an emergency oxygen tank and mask. Despite the generous effort and work we put into distributing these boxes, slacking employees tend do dispose of them early on, and those who don't, often use them to hide things.

Throughout the station, there are several varieties of boxes. The plain box is what most employees are used to, however NanoTrasen also labels boxes to hold different types of implants, spare ID cards, and even Donk Pockets!

Additionally, boxes can be unfolded into cardboard sheets, which can be used to make stuff.... that is made of cardboard! So now you can be the cardborg that you always were! Beep Boop!


Found in: Internal Affairs Office, Detective's Office
Used for: Holding paper, folders, and other office-based things.
Strategy: Put the files from your latest case into it.
A briefcase is a bulky item that can hold up to seven tiny items.

By default it is filled with one pen and six sheets of paper. They are very sturdy, so make a decent weapon (blurs vision when it hits heads). Internal Affairs and Detective get one.

Secure Briefcase

Secure Briefcase
Found in: Bridge, Captain's Quarters
Used for: Keeping things under lock and key.
Strategy: Put valuable, sensitive items into it.
A lockable briefcase is in the Heads of Staff office at the start of each round. It can set to lock with a 5 digit code, however it is not overly secure, as it can be hacked open given half a minute, or forced open with certain kinds of syndicate gear.


Found in: Cargo Bay, just about anywhere
Used for: Holding equipment.
Strategy: Put spare equipment onto it.
Used for equipment storage in the station. Not used for torturing suspected traitors. Racks can be made with a single sheet of metal. They are flat and wide, incapable of being walked over, and is bolted together. It can hold any number of items, but it holds them stacked on top of each other like a table. They are most common in maintenance tunnels and EVA.

Station Bounced Radio

Station Bounced Radio
Found in: Cargo Bay, Tool Storage, EVA, Bridge, any autolathe
Used for: Communicating with the station.
Strategy: Keep one with you in case headset communications fail.
A simple to use radio: click it, set the station, and turn on the microphone to talk. It will pick up any sounds from surrounding areas.

The station bounced radio will function similarly to a standard earpiece radio if you put it in your pocket or in your hand; thus you can use the "say ;radio message" function as normal without turning on the microphone to broadcast. This is the only portable radio that will correctly function across in electrical storms, or when the Telecommunications satellite is damage.

Some radios are especially tuned to a clandestine network where unmentionable contraband may be obtained. These also have an emergency detonation button that can do some serious damage.

Duct Tape

Duct Tape
Found in: Primary Tool Storage, Locker Room
Used for: Sticking paper on a vertical surface. (Windows, walls)
Strategy: Display your thirteen complaints for everyone to see and Security to tear down.
Apply Duct Tape to a paper then attack the paper to a wall. To remove tape off a paper, remove it off the wall and click on the paper.


Found in: Cargo Bay, Head of Personnel's Office, Library, Medbay, anywhere that has a paper bin
Used for: Writing things onto it.
Strategy: Fill out a form, write your life story, or send a complaint to the Head of Security.
You write on it with a pen. Medical doctors want it for forms, Quartermasters want it for forms, even Internal Affairs want it for forms. Librarians can use it to print books. See the Guide to Paperwork for further information.

Remote Signaling Device

Remote Signaling Device
Found in: Tool Storage, Research Division
Used for: Signaling remotely.
Strategy: Attach it to something, go somewhere else, and activate it remotely!
Signals things remotely. Used for remote hacking, bombs, and grenades. You can right-click them and activate a type of 'Dead Man's Switch', which has an 80% chance of triggering if you are shot.

Water Tank

Water Tank
Found in: Maintenance, Hydroponics
Used for: Holding water.
Strategy: Use it to refill on water when your bucket or fire extinguisher run out of it.
Used to fill something with water. Has 1000 units of water to start.

Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank
Found in: Maintenance, Engineering
Used for: Filling things with fuel.
Strategy: Refill your welder with it. Turn your welder off beforehand.
Use a welder on them to refuel. Make sure it's turned off! Has 1000 units of welding fuel.


Found in: Chapel
Used for: Being religious.
Strategy: Preach the word of your religion. Don't hit anyone with it. No, seriously.
Used by the Chaplain. Can be used to hit people on the head, but will always damage the person. This also de-converts cultists at a small chance.

Can also be used to store 7 small items.

Janitorial Supplies


Found in: Janitor's Closet, Cargo Bay
Used for: Mopping up dirty messes.
Strategy: Be the janitor the station deserves.
Cleans the floor when wet. Must be wet with the mob bucket. The Janitor starts with one.

Space Cleaner

Space Cleaner.png
Space Cleaner
Found in: Janitor's Closet, Cargo Bay, Chemistry Laboratory
Used for: Cleaning blood off the walls.
Strategy: Spray it onto something to make it clean and shiny.
A better cleaner than water. Doesn't cause people to slip.


Found in: Janitor's Closet, Cargo Bay, Hydroponics, Robotics and Mech Bay
Used for: Holding liquids.
Strategy: Fill it with water, or any other liquid.
A bucket holds liquid only, most commonly water. It holds up to 70 units. They can be used by several different jobs as part of their actual duties.

Light Bulb

Light bulbs combined.png
Light Bulb or Tube
Found in: Janitor's Closet, Cargo Bay, Emergency Storage, Engineering
Used for: Lighting dark areas.
Strategy: Replace any broken or burnt out lights around the station with these.
There are two kinds of light bulbs. The first kind is a small bulb which are mostly used in maintenance tunnels, smaller areas where not as much lighting is needed, and on the Mining Asteroid. The second kind is the light tube, which can be found everywhere on the station from the hallways all the way to the Bridge. Both kinds of light bulbs can be made with an Autolathe, Protolathe, and can be ordered in boxes from the QM. They also spawn in a few places at the start of the round, like Emergency Storage.



Crates are a container for items. Especially large items, such as corpses, lockers, and certain robots or equipment cannot fit inside. Just because an item comes packed in a crate when the Quartermaster receives it doesn't mean it will go back inside once the crate is opened, either!

Give Onto the QM his Dues

Crates are worth 5 supply points to a Quartermaster, which can be used to get more supplies for the station's whole benefit.

Of Locks and Access

Just like the rest of the station, even crates have variable levels of access. The Quartermaster can't unlock anything that is locked by default, for various reasons. The primary one being it would be pointless to make since all crates go through the Quartermasters anyway. Security crates can be opened by security personnel and those with higher access, and et cetera. An emag can get into locked crates, however.


Also knows as Wardrobes or Lockers, Closets are among the most common and arguably the most useful of containers on the station. Nearly anything can fit inside, barring other closets, crates, and certain especially large objects like racks and Mulebots. Coffins in the Chapel also count as lockers.

Of Locks and Access

Besides being welded shut, some closets can be locked with the appropriate ID. Several levels of access exist, such as security, captain, and private-level access. These can be opened with the proper level identification card, emag item, or a few good laser blasts.

If you yourself are inside a locker you can see your surroundings. Normally you can move in any direction to exit the locker, but if the locker is locked or welded you will be unable to exit, and you cannot unweld or unlock your cell from inside. At that point if you try to move around you will instead throw yourself against the sides of the locker, making aBANG BANG sound that can be heard

Vending Machines

BODA (soviet soda machine)

BODA (soviet soda machine)
Vendsovietsoda.gif Found at: Derelict Station
30x Soda
20x Cola


Vendboozeomat.gif Found at: Bar
5x Griffeater Gin

5x Uncle Git's Special Reserve
5x Caccavo Guaranteed Quality Tequilla
5x Tunguska Triple Distilled
5x Goldeneye Vermouth
5x Captain Pete's Cuban Spiced Rum
5x Doublebeard Bearded Special Wine
5x Chateau De Baton Premium Cognac
5x Robert Robust's Coffee Liqueur
6x Space Beer
6x Magm-Ale
4x Orange Juice
4x Tomato Juice
4x Lime Juice
4x Milk Cream
8x T-Borg's Tonic Water
8x Space Cola
8x Soda Water
2x flask
2x vacuum flask
30x Glass
10x Ice Cup
2x Emeraldine Melon Liquor
2x Miss Blue Curaco
2x Jailbreaker Verte
5x Briar Rose Grenadine Syrup

10x Duke Purple Tea

Cigarette Machine

Cigarette Machine
Vendcigs.gif Found at: everywhere
Coin Slot: Cigar

10x Cigarette packet
10x Matchbox
4x cheap lighter

4x Zippo lighter


Venddinnerware.gif Found at: Kitchen
6x Tray

4x Fork
2x Kitchen knife
15x Glass
2x Chef's apron

2x Spoon

2x Knife
2x Rolling Pin
2x Butcher's Cleaver

Getmore Chocolate Corp

Getmore Chocolate Corp
Vendsnack.gif Found at: everywhere
6x Candy (1 Nutriment, 3 Sugar)

6x Cup Ramen (30 Dry Ramen; mix with 10 units water to get 30 units of Hot Ramen)
6x Chips (3 Nutriment)
6x Scaredy's Private Reserve Beef Jerky (4 Nutriment)
6x 4no Raisins (6 Nutriment)
6x Space Twinkie (4 Sugar)
6x Cheesie Honkers (4 Nutriment)
6x Tasty Bread

6x Syndi-Cakes

3x Skrell Snacks

Hot Drinks Machine

Hot Drinks Machine
Vendcoffee.gif Found at: everywhere
25x Robust Coffee

25x Duke Purple Tea
25x Dutch Hot Coco

10x Ice Cup


Vendmagi.gif Found at: Wizard's Den
1x Wizard Hat

1x Wizard Robe
1x Red Wizard Hat
1x Red Wizard Robe
1x Sandals
2x Wizard's Staff

1x Wizarditis culture bottle

Seed Storage

Seed Storage
Vendseeds.gif Found at: Hydroponics and Xenoflora
3x Banana Seeds

3x Berry Seeds
3x Carrot Seeds
3x chanterelle spores
3x Chili Seeds
3x Corn Seeds
3x Eggplant Seeds
3x Potato Seeds
3x diona nodes
3x Soybean Seeds
3x Sunflower Seeds
3x Tomato Seeds
3x Tower Cap spores
3x Wheat Seeds
3x Apple Seeds
3x Poppy Seeds
3x sugarcane seeds
3x Ambrosia Vulgaris Seeds
3x White-beet Seeds
3x Watermelon Seeds
3x Lime Seeds
3x Lemon Seeds
3x Orange Seeds
3x Grass Seeds
3x cacao seeds
2x plump helmet spores
3x Cabbage Seeds
3x Grape Seeds
3x Pumpkin Seeds
3x cherry pits
3x plastellium spores
3x rice seeds 3x Tobacco seeds

2x Fly Amanita spores

2x Glowshroom spores
2x Liberty Cap spores
2x Messa's tear seeds
2x Nettle Seeds
2x reishi spores
2x S'randar's hand seeds

Emergency NanoMed

Emergency NanoMed
Vendwallmed.gif Found at: Medbay Recovery Room and Patient Rooms
2x roll of gauze

2x Ointment
4x autoinjector
1x Health Analyzer

4x Syringe (Dylovene)

4x Syringe (spaceacillin)
1x Toxins Pill


Vendwallmed.gif Found at: Surgery, Xenobiology
5x Inaprovaline Syringe

3x Dylovene Syringe
3x roll of gauze
3x Ointment
3x Health Analyzer

3x Toxin Pills

NanoMed Plus

NanoMed Plus
Vendmed.gif Found at: Medbay
4x Dylovene Bottle

4x Inaprovaline Bottle
4x Soporific Bottle
4x Toxin Bottle
4x Syringe (spaceacillin)
12x Syringe
5x Health Analyzer
4x Beaker
2x Dropper
3x advanced trauma kit
3x advanced burn kit
2x medical splints

3x Toxin Pill

4x sleeping pill
6x Dylovene Pill


Vendnutri.gif Found at: Hydroponics
35x E-Z-Nutrient

25x Left 4 Zed
15x Robust Harvest
20x Pest-Spray
5x Syringe
5x Plant Bag


Robust Softdrinks

Robust Softdrinks
Vendcola.gif Found at: everywhere
10x Space Cola

10x Space Mountain Wind
10x Dr. Gibb
10x Star-kist
10x Bottled Water
10x Space-Up
10x Vrisk Serket Iced Tea
10x Grapel Juice

5x Thirteen Loko


Vendsec.gif Found at: Security
8x Handcuffs

2x Flashbang
5x Flash
12x Donut

2x Sunglasses

2x Donut Box


Vendgeneric.gif Found at: Primary Tool Storage
5x Proximity Sensor

3x Igniter
4x Remote Signaling Device
1x Wirecutters
4x Generic Signaler Cartridge

5x Flashlight

2x Timer


Vendgeneric.gif Found at: Primary Tool Storage
10x cable coil

5x crowbar
5x welding tool
5x wirecutters
5x wrench
5x analyzer
5x T-ray scanner
5x screwdriver

2x Upgraded Welding Tool

2x budget insulated gloves