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Species makeup

95% Human
5% Other

Human racial/ethnic makeup

70% Caucasian
20% Mixed
10% Other

Other racial makeup

90% Skrell
10% Other


The first contact with the moon of Roanake was performed by Sol Central in 2547, as part of a reconnaissance mission to find out more about the traits of the moon. The same type of mission was issued to other Sol Central ships during that era, and this specific mission was known for being an utter failure. None of the ships headed to Roanake ever returned, most of them either crash landing or being burned down to nothing.

The moon was then completely neglected and forgotten up to late 2553, about a year and half after NanoTrasen arrived at Nyx. By early 2552, NanoTrasen’s influence in the system was still very minimal, as they were primarily focusing on small-scale phoron mining on some of the smaller moons of Erebus, while slowly starting to move their fleet to the system and starting new space station construction projects around Erebus for various purposes, primarily research and even more mining.

Not content enough with the phoron yields from other Erebus moons, in late 2553 NanoTrasen conducted their own research on Roanake, despite how dangerous the moon was. It was always known that Roanake was highly related to phoron to an extent, but NanoTrasen desired even more information on this unique moon type that hasn’t ever been seen on any other place before.

After receiving most survey results in early 2554 and despite finding out that the moon’s environment was extremely lethal, NanoTrasen decided that they definitely wanted their own claim on this unique moon, rushing to build 8 cheap underground facilities on Roanake, which were then finished in 2554 and 2555.

The colony was never popular, as it’s peak population was of just a mere 700 in late 2556, when all 8 facilities were still being fully operational. During late 2556 and early 2557, NanoTrasen suffered a string of unlucky phoron fire workplace accidents in over half of their facilities, killing mostly everyone in them and sending the recently built facilities to waste.

Said incidents obviously caused major losses for the corporation, but NanoTrasen refused to back off from the moon, as they wanted a full solid influence and control over it, even though it was a rather over hyped moon since solid and gaseous phoron could be found and acquired elsewhere in Nyx with a lesser risk.

Now with just 3 facilities left and having learned of the true dangers of the moon, NanoTrasen highly prioritized the well-being and safety of these facilities by enacting heavy workplace regulations and prevention measures.

Said measures seem to have worked quite well when it comes to preserving the facilities since only minor workplace accidents that never caused much damage have happened again since 2557, but they still didn’t make Roanake a more desirable or popular place, since the entire population of the moon is of a mere 400 as of now, with the productivity in the facilities still being substandard.

Roanake is well-known in the Nyx system for it’s harsh and lethal environment, which isolates the moon and NanoTrasen’s facilities from any criminal elements and even other corporations who weren't willing to possibly suffer any costly accidents. In fact, said isolation has benefited the corporation since no successful criminal intrusions have ever occurred in their relatively secretive facilities, with most of the problems arising from any highly possible workplace accidents. And obviously, NanoTrasen is still the only entity with claims and presence on Roanake.


Roanake is a corporate-run colony, and since the environment of the moon is too lethal to attract any other corporations or independent settlers, everyone in the colony is effectively a NanoTrasen employee, which allows the corporation to fully manage their colony and all of their aspects.

Each of the three surviving facilities have a designated facility administrator, and the facility administrator of the NTB Arcop V also acts as a central colonial administrator that also holds authority over the other facilities.


Roanake is a medium-large solid moon with a diameter of approximately 6000 km. It’s possibly one of the most dangerous natural environments in the entire galaxy, as it’s dense and blistering hot atmosphere (constantly between 500 and 600 celsius) is composed mostly of phoron, with minor traces of oxygen being present due to the nearby supermatter’s influence in Erebus, which gives the moon a noticeable light purple, orange and gray colour. Additionally, high levels of radiation are present on it’s entire surface, which requires all facilities to be radiation-shielded to an extent.

The second largest of Erebus' moons, it orbits quite close to Erebus, which combined with it’s solid state caused this unique phenomena after millions of years.

The moon’s gravity is slightly lower than on Earth, yet high enough to not require the installation of any gravity generators for continued human life.

The surface of the moon is extremely flammable due to the presence of oxygen, solid and gaseous phoron. A single spark could cause an immense fire in entire gas pockets, which makes leaving the moon through conventional ways significantly dangerous. It also makes straight open-air settlements undesirable.

Absolutely zero native fauna or life has ever existed on this moon, and the environment is too lethal to be ever considered for a terraforming or mere atmospheric renovation project.


Belonging to a formal trans-stellar corporation like NanoTrasen, the employees on Roanake’s facilities enjoy relatively high housing and working conditions, especially when compared to other places on this system. However, the facilities are cheaply built and usually poorly maintained when it comes to non-essential features, which makes them worse to live on than other corporate facilties such as space stations in the system.


This colony never trades with any other external entities that aren’t NanoTrasen supply ships or stations, possibly because no casual traders would ever risk their lives in a way like this. The facilities are one of NanoTrasen’s main phoron supplier in Nyx, which is also essentially their main occupation, since research on the NSB Rose Prime has been stagnant for months now.

Current active facilities on Roanake

NTB Arcop II

A deep mining facility built in the immense depths of Roanake built in 2555, where primarily solid phoron mining is performed. Due to it's complicated location and isolation, direct vessel docking with the facility is not possible, so the staff and mined resources have to be relocated to the NTB Arcop V for that. Fortunately enough, said facility was never subject to any phoron fire accidents, which fully allowed the survival of this particular mining base.

Population: 100.

NTB Arcop V

A relatively more physically accessible mining facility near the surface of the moon that was built in 2554, this facility is currently the largest one in Roanake, specialized in phoron gas harvesting. Several workplace accidents have occurred in the past, however they weren't as major as the ones which completely annihilated the other now inactive facilities. It also has the only active space port on Roanake, which is essentially a customized mass driver to avoid any risks of igniting the atmosphere when launching. Due to the presence of this space port and it’s large size, it remains as the de facto capital of the moon, with the facility administrator holding full authority over the colonies.

Population: 200.

NSB Rose Prime

Built in 2554 and home to most it's educated population, several unpromising phoron, atmospheric and geological research projects and experiments take place here. Located in an accessible location near the moon's surface like Arcop V, this facility was the only one of it's nature to survive until 2559. It could be assumed that, since it's the only research facility on Roanake, productivity would be high and many promising research results be acquired. However, the truth is that the productivity on this base is abnormally low when compared to the other NanoTrasen research facilities in the Nyx system. Additionally, said still existing danger is causing many employees and colonists to leave the moon, possibly to move their work and projects to other, less dangerous facilities owned by the corporation.

Population: 100.