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NSFW content is discussed and practiced on the game server. If you do not tolerate it, you should probably go elsewhere. ERP is allowed but not a priority. This will be explained in the rules on ERP, but it is mentioned early so you know to expect it.

Due to the presence of adult content, an age restriction is enforced. By playing on Eclipse or being present in this Discord server, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and that you have read the rules stated below.

The rules may be changed at any time. Come back and reread them every so often to see if they have been altered.

Server Rules

RULE ZERO: Don't be a dick. Mistakes happen, whether they're mechanical error or bad judgment calls and they happen to everyone. This is still the most important rule.

--Enforcement of the rules is at the discretion of the staff team. If someone on staff invokes this rule, they will be held responsible for the negative consequences resulting in it. Admins are also allowed to intervene in rounds when it is in the best interest of the playerbase.
--Do not grief. End of Round Grief is not permitted.
--Do not abuse bugs or exploits.
--Do not bring needless toxicity to OOC channels. The Staff reserves the right to ban toxic individuals from the community.
--Do not condemn or advertise other communities without the permission of Senior Staff.
--Do not attempt to sway the Storyteller vote.
--Multikeying is not allowed on our server. If you wish to switch to a new ckey, please inform staff so that way proper permissions (species, items, notes) can be applied to your new ckey.
--This is an English-speaking community, thus all communication should be in English. You must possess a 11/12th grade level English fluency. If you can't hold up a conversation with us in an Admin PM, then you shouldn't be here, sorry.
--Characters can use non-English words or phrases as the situation dictates. 
--Adhere to the  Character Guidelines. These are to be treated as an extension of the rules, for the purpose of enforcing them.
--Do not rejoin the round as any character you have previously played during that round unless given expressed permission by an admin. Exceptions include if that character left the round early and in good health, and they are merely coming back to work. If you are unsure about if it is okay to rejoin as a character, ahelp it.
--Do not escalate violence without a good reason. Stay reasonable even when facing confrontation. If someone throws a cardboard box at you, hopping into a Gygax and turning them into a fine red mist is not the appropriate response. If someone runs up and slaps your character in the face, it wouldn't be out of the question to retaliate by punching them or pushing them down. 
--This is a roleplaying server but mechanics-based combat is allowed provided you provide some fair warning before it starts.
--See the rules on ERP
--Antagonists are played on this server with some regularity. These are some rulings specific to the players during rounds like Traitor,  or Changeling, among other things.

--Antagonists are given a list of contracts to fulfill, such as stealing a contraband item or implant someone. These contracts are also considered optional.

--Being an antagonist does not give you a license to murder anyone you see. Killing is allowed only when necessary, such as explicitly part of a contract or to fuel intrigue.
--In-game administration rulings are final. This is not us being hard-asses, it's because we don't want you tying up admin-PMs arguing with an admin during a round in progress. That isn't the time or place to argue staff's decision-- take it up elsewhere after the round.
--Do not engage in excessively graphic depictions of torture over the general IC comms, such as disembowelment, flaying, or other such examples.
--Do not use information gained outside of in-character means. This especially refers to communication between players outside of the game via things like Discord, known as metacomms. Characters are otherwise allowed to keep persistent friendships or relationships with other characters when not for the purpose of unfair advantage by teaming up together for little IC reason. Anything learned from deadchat, or while ghosted, is counted as OOC knowledge.
--Do not metagame, either by meta-communications or by OOC knowledge of the antagonists. 
--Do not OOC in IC/No IC in OOC - Do not discuss events of the current round in game or on the Discord. No exceptions.
--Ordinarily, we use a Discord bot for Ahelps, but it's currently unable to be used. if you require an admin's help urgently, Please DM them on Discord if no one in round is able to answer it.
--Do not metagrudge, as defined as allowing an OOC dislike of a player to influence IC decisions regarding their character.
--Do not commit suicide as a means to exit the round. If you feel that suiciding is a justified reaction to something occurring in round, please ask for permission with staff.
--Do not powergame. Powergaming is taking actions that ignore roleplay or reasonable cause and effect for the purpose of “winning”. Mode-specific preparation, ignoring pain, or rushing a hostage situation with no regard for the hostage's survival are examples of powergaming.
--Toeing the line is functionally identical to crossing the line. If you "didn't technically" break the rule, that's not going to protect you.

New Player Application Form

Fill this out and send to a discord administrator if your account has been created less than 6 months ago. It's not a player wall, it's just our way to make sure all players know what RP is and would enjoy the experience we offer. Usually everyone gets accepted.

-- Your ckey (byond username):
-- Your age:
-- Your experience with ss13:
-- Your experience with RP in general:

Additional Rulings

--If you were looking for a code word - it's "supercalifragilisticexpialidociousest". Good job taking your time and reading the rules.

--Unless expressly given permission by admins, antagonist rounds and most of the events are only partially or non-canon; you can remember getting shot during a secret round but the original character responsible for the shooting should be replaced with some kind of figuratively faceless entity to avoid messy post-round consequences.

--Ahelps and faxes are relayed to discord staff channel, so you can send them even if no staff members are present.